The PACE program is not sending the necessary papers so that we can move along her admittance. I love my Mom, but the stress is driving me crazy. I went to the hospital with a panic attack, and my doctor prescribed anti- anxiety and anti- depressants. I'm not sure how much more I can take. I love my Mom very much, but I also love the rest of my family as well who are also having a hard time.

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When I was waiting on my cousin's admission into AL, the AL told me that they were waiting on some paperwork from the state. That was the first I had heard about it and I was livid. I cried on the phone. I called the state office and inquired about it. I was told the AL was mistaken. I then called the AL and told them what the state rep has said. They apologized, called me right back and said they did have what they needed! I then went over with my loved one for admission the next morning. Sometimes, you have to really get behind people. There are lots of cases where people, forget, go on vacation, are misinformed, etc.

I would call the people who are supposed to prepare that paperwork and remind them that time is of the essence. They don't understand what it's like trying to gingerly get a loved one with dementia into a facility. It's very high stress and timing is everything.

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