When I got home from work this evening, my mom (82) said that she had vomited around noon, hasn't eaten since and has bad headache. I gave her some Emetrol which took care of the nausea. Her headache got better, but now it's worse and she requested an extra dose of her Ultram. I am hoping this is just "something she ate" or just a 24 hour bug. But, at her age and having had pneumonia AND full on influenza in the past (almost lost her) I don't want to minimize or underestimate her symptoms. Her blood pressure is steady at 152 over 86...a little elevated for her, but not something I would normally worry about. Her blood pressure is regulated with medicine. I am in a quandry. I really cannot afford to miss work tomorrow (I miss work frequently due to migraines and I have no vacation or sick time left). But, I would never put my job before my mother...I just don't know if this is that serious. One other thing: Mom told me this week that the back of her head has been feeling bruised for a few weeks. Could this be related? I am planning on calling the doctor in the am to make an appt, but I'm sure they won't see her tomorrow. Always have to schedule in advance. Anyone out there have some insight for me??

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I have two nurse help lines I can call any time of the night or day with questions like this. One is provided by the clinic we use, the other by our health insurance company. I've has this kind of access to advice for more than 30 years, so I guess I just take it for granted. My husband and I are on differenet health care policies and both of them offer this, making me think it isn't rare. Please find out if your mother's clinic and/or insurance company offers this kind of service, for the next time.

At various times over the years their advice has been, "if this doesn't improve in 2 days, call your doctor," "call an ambulance and go to an ER RIGHT NOW!" to "yes, it should be checked yet tonight -- can you drive him to an urgent care location?" to "call your doctor for a same-day appointment tomorrow." In other words, it is a kind of triage service by phone!

Good luck!

Could be a concussion. She could've fallen and never remembered it.

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