Mom was taken advantage of by two of her daughters. In 2010 my sister was able to get my 78 yr old mother who has dementia to transfer her life savings ($29.000) to her under the guise of attaining Medicaid. I made a complaint to the DA office and I was told that they couldn't do anything because of my mother's dementia. I even notified the an agency for senior abuse and nothing was done. Now, my mother is residing with me and I am contemplating placing her in a assisted living facility or a nursing home. Every time I ask the social service about my mother's eligibility and I tell them about the huge transfer of money from my mother to my sister,they tell me to be prepared to get denied. I need information on what I could do to show that money was stolen from my mother by my sister. I have receipts that shows where the money went. I am at my wicks end. I feel this is so unfair. My sister who stole my mom's money was able to get away with it and I have no way of getting that money back so that it can be used for my mother's placement. I feel that the DA office and the adult protective services failed me. Is it too late to take action against my sister and make her show or return what she did with my mother's hard earned money. Mom really needs her money now.

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Yup, lcross is right. Consult an attorney who specializes in Elder Law.

The Medicaid look-back period is 5 years, and Mother had a big chunk of money during that period that she does not have now. Hence the advice to be prepared to be turned down. That money should be going toward Mother's care, by the rules.

At this point, the situation is not in the do-it-yourself realm. Get a lawyer.

I really feel for you, because I had a similar situation...only there was no large cash sum as in your mother's case. Speak with an elder law attorney. Social services seem to be so overextended it's hard to even get a call back, must less actually help with this situation. Just saying "be prepared to be denied" is one less person they have to help. If they actually cared, they would tell you what you had to do to prove this was not a transfer to cover up assets. So, I think the attorney is your best bet. Good luck, and trust me, I understand how siblings take care of themselves and don't realize the later implications of their misdoings. Hang it there..

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