My Mother had surgery on Feb4. She came through it with Flying colors. But the recuperation was hard and she finally couldn't survive it she died on Feb 16. she had hard time breathing and she went into cardic arrest and died. She was frail and she knew that this her only chance to get better. Her condition just couldn't recuperate from it.Today is the first day that I'm going back to clean up the house by myself. I will have help periodically . So right know I'm alittle anxious.

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Dear Joan,

Just logged on and saw your message. I'm so so sorry!!! No matter how much
we try to prepare ourselves for our loved one passing it still hurts! I know one
thing, she is at peace. I don't know your faith, but I truly believe that she is
with her "Maker" and loved ones that have gone before her. I can only hope
this thought will give you some peace.

You are in my prays,

I am so sorry for your loss. Try and be strong, and lean on your other loved ones for help. This article might provide some inspiration:

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