While she was in there she got what they called Deadly Staff infection.Everyday I went to see her,Would be laying in her bed nasty you could smell her before I get to her room. When I go tell them that she needs changeing they tell me that they will be in her room in A min. Ok it took them Hrs.So I tell them that I will Do it myself all I need is the things to change her.I wanted to take her home from the nursing home after I found out that they was not going to treat her like I did.So I was told then that.the APS has A hold on her and I can't touch her.I went and Called the APS and told them that I can take better care of her.after 3wks.She was in the ICU.She was taking to A special care unit in Tyler Tx..The Drs. said that I did the right thing, But it was to late the MSG had speaded all over her body and they couldn't help her.Ok I called the APS office and told them about it .The Social Worker had been replaced and gone.No remorse.So I ask for A investagation.I still didn't get what I wanted .My mom just 71yrs. old she was fine until then.

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Sorry to hear of your loss under such terrible circumstances. Have you considered contacting any attorney who specializes in this area? If the NH was neglectful, it should be addressed out of concern for other residents.

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