My mother has recently been taken off antipsychotic about a month ago. She had started not taking her meds anyway. The doctor now thinks that she may have some dementia. She is 87. And up to last year she was just fine only on thyroid meds. She is suppose to continue on antidepression meds. When I ask her to take them, she says she will but when I am over she has not taken them and will not give me any reason why. My dad developed an acute dementia episode that started all this last year. He has stabilized, but my mom just seems to stay severely depressed. I know she does not want to leave home. My dad is annoyed by her behavior and threatens to leave. They both have always been strong-willed individuals. I am in the process of chemo after breast cancer and unable to be there all the time. She takes some meds in the morning and some before bed. Any suggestions?

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My mom claimed to be taking her pills, but comparing the date on the bottle with how many should be left made it clear she was missing about 2/3s of the time! And, surprise, surprise, the pills weren't working. The doctor said there was no point in trying to adjust the dose until she knew how the present dose would work if taken regularly. She ordered a visiting nurse to go in once a week, set up the pills in the daily containers, take vitals, and report results to doctor. She was also a friendly face to encourage Mother, compliment her on taking the pills, etc. This turned the situation around and also got us children out of the enforcement role.

I wonder if that kind of help would be appropriate/effective for your mother.

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