She wonders why she is still here after losing her husband and 2 sons. It is terrible to see her like this, and I, too, wonder why she is being allowed to stay on this earth and continue to suffer like this.

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Casey, I don't know anything about your mother's medical conditions, or what might be keeping her alive. I do understand and share the concern about living when the qualify of life has deteriorated to the point of being nonexistent.

I wish I had some answers for you, but I don't, other than trying to find ways to make her days more meaningful. But that often sounds trite and simple given what many of our older folks face.

This may sound casual, but it's not meant to be so. Are there any other conditions, include co-morbidity conditions, that could be treated as only "comfort care" that might allow her to segue into a level that palliative or hospice care might be appropriate? Again, I don't want to sound cruel, but she's clearly ready, and unfortunately there's no way for her to legally fulfill her desire.

I hope you're getting support somewhere as well, as this will be trying on you. It's so difficult to see someone suffering.

At 95, my mother says the same thing. It comes out clearly even though she is in stage 6 of Alzheimer's.

I have no answer as to "why". I'm thinking it's God's timing.
There may be unfinished *business* or the need of someone ELSE to learn from this situation.

It's so hard second guessing. It does seem cruel to force them to be alive when they are so tired and just want to go.

There's a part in the bible where Jesus says He's preparing a place for us. Maybe their place is extra special and takes more time to get ready.

I know how hard it is to watch. My heart aches after every visit.

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