I am a DIL and care for my MIL, she has been with us for 3 years. I cared for the husband but the other kids took him to another state and the MIL divorced him. Two months ago the kids who live in another state filed competency on MIL and she was deemed incompetent, they want to be in control but do not want to care for her, no one has provided any financial support for her over the last six months. The GOE is now in control of her estate and isn't paying for anything and the daughter who lives in another state gives no support for her care. My husband when back to work to bring income into our home to pay our bills, and we are in legal battles and lawsuits over her estate and will be even after her death. But no one seems to care but me and my husband about her total care. She wants to live with us, but it is getting to the point that she is more than I can handle physically and I resigned by job 3 years ago....they move on with their lives.....I am at the point of telling all parties, since the courts are now involved, come and pick her up, sue me if you must and lets the chips fall where they must... I an done....I love my MIL but sometimes you have to step back and think of yourself and that is what I am doing for me and my family!

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