My mother-in-law came out the hospital due to a blood infection and now has no desire to eat or drink.

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We have to continually have her sip liquid and take a bite or two of food. She is getting weak.


 Did the recommend rehab? If she is not in hospice care you may soon have to return. By the way, upon discharge three is usually a message to see your PCP within a week of discharge. Did you do that?
She has a visiting nurse that comes to monitor her blood pressure. Her doctor is on vacation till next week and had canceled the appointment we had this past Wednesday. Going to bring her to ER today to get evaluated
Dear Eileen,

I'm so sorry to hear about how your mother in law is doing. Yes, do not delay and take her to the ER. It does not sound right that she is not eating or drinking. I wonder if maybe one of the new meds might be making her weaker. I hope the ER doctor will be able to help her and figure out what is happening.
Thank you both, she is in the hospital getting the care she needs

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