Mother has dementia and has no money except a home with equity of 50,000. She needs full care.

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We need a lot more information to give any advice. If your mother applies for Medicaid, the house will be an exempt asset until she passes. At that time the state can opt to recover expenses when you sell the house. If there is no one living there, you may instead want to sell the house upfront and use the money for your mother's care. That would save you from having to invest in maintenance, insurance, and taxes for a vacant home. If you rented the house, the money would be income, so you have to make sure it wouldn't disqualify her for Medicaid.
Is there any government or aging funding for garage remodel for my MOM. I am the primary caregiver.
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Tet, call ur Office of Aging to see if they know of any grants or programs for this type of thing.

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