Mother refuses to let my sister and me help her with her finances because she thinks we are trying to steal her money. We have a springing DPOA meaning we cannot take over control of her finances until she has been certified incompetent. She refuses to see a neurologist and we can't force her legally. Mother went to the bank closed out her checking account and opened a new account. A lady friend is helping my mother with her checkbook and we have made contact with this woman who told my sister that our mother has told her and the bank that we are trying to steal her money. Also my mother's account was flagged so that if she did anything with her accounts, the bank was suppose to call my sister or me. The person who opened the new account may lose her job (meetings are taking place). If I call APS, will they take over all her fiances including her house that is in a living trust? I don't know how to get her evaluated without violating her rights or bringing in the state. She is very combative and won't cooperate.

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