money runny dry with home health care. what to do .i,m scared

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facilities here are full or are truly hell holes


You haven't said exactly what your needs are or what your living situation is so it is hard to comment. Have you checked with your local Agency on Aging for elder services? If you are truly desperate then you may be prepared to consider drastic measures, I'll throw a few your way:
find a room mate/house mate to help cut costs,
find a way to increase your income (part time work or sell assets),
call local religious organizations to see if there are volunteers to help you so you can cut back on caregiver hours,
investigate moving closer to better and cheaper facilities
The govt. has programs to help pay for home care.
Bouyant, do you mean your mom's assets are about to run out? Have you applied for Medicaid on her behalf? If you haven't, start doing so tomorrow.
bouyant1, I understand your fear of Mom not having enough money to help pay for care. Never in my wildest dreams that I ever knew how expensive it was to have professional caregivers from an Agency around the clock for my Dad while he remained at his home. It was far cheaper for him to move to senior living, and he said he was ready... whew.

Now in my area, the senior living complexes are all very nice, like living in a hotel with linen service, meals, weekly room cleaning [depending on which section one lived]. Cost are around $5k a month in my area. One usually has to be placed on a waiting list, but I found if one looks in December or January, no one wants to move in at that time [similar to apartments] so if there is an empty suite, you might be able to ask for a discount.

where are you located? I know an agency that does in home care for under $3000

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