In Jan. of this year we researched different facilities that offered respite care and found one for my mom. She had been living with us for over 4 yrs and our home became hers. This facility evaluated my mom to make sure she would have the proper level of care. Days later we get a call ,mom fell and broke her femur. Totally devastated by this happening, our goal was to get her better and back home.

After surgery, she began acute therapy then was transferreds to a sub acute facility. Approximately two monthes later since entering respite she is ready to come home. The night before she was to come home ,I got a call from the sub acute facility, your mom fell and broke her other femur , that's right her other femur. Yes, more surgery and more therapy. A short respite stay has turned my moms life upside down. My moms health deteriated to such a level that it will be difficult for us to give her the care she needs . After much research, we have come up with several ideas. In total, mom will be home in the next several weeks having all the proper care needed. No it won't be easy. Just because the system has failed my mom, doesn't mean we will!

Any thoughts?

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First of all, as someone who just went thru this with her mother-in-law breaking her OTHER hip, I feel for ya. My m-i-l is 88 and has bounced fairly well back from this other hip 3 years after the first. But it was much tougher for her this time, especially on her brain that has dementia. That was what took the hardest hit this time around, her memory etc. She didn't remember anything, from the time she fell, till the time she finally came home. Maybe it was a good thing not having to relive the trauma of the fall, hospital, operation & rehab. She is back at her asst. living now, but it was pretty hairy for awhile. As for your mom, have you thought about Adult Foster Care? My father-in-law stayed in a very nice one operated by a young Romanian family. There was only 1 other man there when he arrived, so he got really good one on one care. I myself would've liked to know, HOW my mother could've fallen, yet AGAIN while in rehab though. Did you ever pursue that?

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