My mom and I live together. February 2014, my mom had a personality change. She suddenly got angry, nags until I give in, memory got worse, says hurtful things, more stubborn, and many other things. I've gotten used to them except the hurtful ccomments. The last one was last night. I usually end up crying when she says hurtful comments. I tell her they hurt but she doesn't seem to get it and will likey I'm the one with the problem. I have no one to vent to about this. After reading some of things on this website, I realized I'm not alone. Thank you for letting me vent.

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Thank you for responding. I am new here. My mom is going to be 70 this month. She had a stroke several years ago. Sometimes I wonder if that's the reason. This personality changed happened suddenly. Not gradually. I read about Dementia. It sounded kinda like what she has. But either way, it's something I've been trying to learn to deal with.

How old is mom and what is her medical and mental condition? It sounds like classic symptoms of dementia. If you're new to this site you can post some background info on your profile site and people can respond in more detail.

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