Mom told me that she had a nightmare last night. She came into the house and it was in shambles and there were a lot of people standing around. She asked what was going on and someone said, "Your son committed suicide!"

I said, "Get to the 'nightmare' part..."

Seriously, I'm left wondering what it meant. I can think of a couple possibilities:

1. She thinks I'm unhappy and want to escape.

2. She is unhappy and wants to escape me.

Anyone adept at dream interpretation out there?

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I have never had a dream that made much sense. I'd say keep tidying up the house, and wait to see it this dream repeats.

My Mom suffered from "night terrors". She would scream in the middle of the night but not remember when asked. Surprised ur Mom remembered this. I don't feel there is any interpretation. Your Mom could have been watching a TV show and thought she dreamt it. Dreams, TV and reality all become one and the same. A Dementia mind cannot tell them apart.

As long as her nightmares don't bother her and she realizes they are dreams, don't write something into it that isn't there. When her nightmares become frequent and she starts screaming, then there is medicine to help.

Hello Countrymouse,

She did not seem to be taking it all that seriously, but it's hard to tell with Mom. She did see fit to mention it to me.

Hello tacy022,

Here is all she told me:
"I was going to into a house. It was my house but I didn't live there. There were a lot of people in there, and the place was a mess. I asked "What's going on here?' and someone said "David committed suicide!" I was shocked and confused and started shouting, "Why? How?" They just said "We don't know." I asked "Where is he?" and they said, "Oh, they took him away. There wasn't much left of him."

A little background: She has lived with me in my house for about 2 months now. It has not been completely without friction, but we are mostly getting along fine. We have been trying to get her things out of her house and getting it ready to sell, which may account for the "messy house" imagery.

The thing that seemed significant is that she did not know many of the people in the house.

I don't think this is all that serious, but would like to try to figure out what's on her mind.

There, thank God, wasn't an actual suicide. The OP is the son in question, making a gallows' humour joke to minimise the idea.

Oh sweetie.

I don't know about dream interpretation, but if it's true that dreams tend to be an expression of what's on a person's subconscious mind it does seem pretty obvious what's troubling your mother. And isn't that loving on her part, too?

Did you ask her (without joking, now - do her the courtesy of taking it seriously and gently) what she made of it?

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