This isn’t a huge problem, I’m just venting a little here, as DH is out of town. I had a great Mother’s Day with Mom, she was firing on all cylinders, so to speak. Alert, able to carry on a good conversation, so happy with the flowers and necklace I brought, singing as usual, so appreciative of everything, ate a huge lunch...basically the best day in a few months.

Today the crash. Hallucinating, figitting, gibberish, active legs and feet, couldn’t sit or lay still. Talking to her cat (whose at my house), calling out for her Mom. Basically a mess. She still managed to sing to me. Good grief, she is the sweetest person. Temp was a little high for her, not bad, but her skin was quite warm and she only wanted a tee shirt instead of the usual winter weight turtlenecks. BP 159 was high for her, usually about 120 without any meds. We suspect another darn UTI, hasn’t had one for 6 months so probably due. At least with her new NP I didnt have to fight for a urine test order... she ordered it right away, she checked my notes on the spot for what has been used in the past for the different types of infections, and made a mention of putting her on a general antibiotic even before the test comes back.

Tonight they were going to try to get the urine sample, doing a straight cath if necessary. My head was splitting, so that was my cue to leave as I’ve witnessed it before and it’s heart-wrenching. I’m expecting the phone call soon that she’s fallen again, which is SOP when she gets this way.

Anyway I’m just so darn sad. DH is out of town, so I’m having a glass of wine and some chocolate, as has been prescribed on this forum for these situations!
Tomorrow’s going to be a pepto bismol morning for sure worrying about what the day will bring. I guess I just could use some words of encouragement from this kind and knowledgeable community. Thanks!

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Thanks frazzled and Jeanne, yes I really like the new NP. Amazing what having a proactive NP can do! They tried to get a catheter draw but nothing came out, so they waited for me to get there, pump more fluids into her and were successful the 2nd attempt. She put her on amoxicillan immediately while waiting for the culture to come back (positive, of course) and I didn’t have to beg for that. She was better by the next day and now is back to “normal”. Her CBC came back with some high MCV and MCH readings and she’s going to test her B12. The previous np would have written that off as “age related” without further ado.
Thanks for your words of support! She really appeared to be on her deathbed just a few days ago, but now is back playing on my iPad and singing. Another bullet dodged....!

Just sending you a virtual hug. It is hard watching your loved one go through this, and sad and frustrating not being able to fix it.

Glad they are checking her for UTI. Sounds like she is in good hands with her new NP.

Try to get some rest tonight and take care of you. Big hugs to you.


I am so glad you had a pleasant Mother's Day. Cherish it!

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