I am trying not to get too freaked out. I just helped pack Mom for a trip to visit her sister two hours away. During the visit, they are going to apply to an AL place. All I can think is will she be okay? Did she NEED me to pack for her? Maybe. She hadn't thought about how many days of medicines she will need. She hadn't thought of the weather being cool and maybe needing a heavier coat. Maybe she would have as she was packing, but I don't know.

So seeing what just happened, I wonder if I'm overdoing it for her. Or what. She's lived with us for 2 years and it's been hard. She has vision problems and low initiative. I mean, she will get food when she's hungry. But I'm so worried about this working. She does a lot for herself within the house. But organizing an outing and asking someone to take her somwhere - I'm not sure she'll do it if she needs to.

She will be closer to the rest of my family and more reliant on them. I'm worried they won't be there for her. I'm the big sister. I wonder if I'm hanging on too tight. I want to let go, I need to for my marriage's sake. But it's scary!

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CMC, I know exactly what you mean. Placement for my mom will be in the next couple of years, I imagine. I hope that something else takes her first! She is late middle stage of Alzheimer's and if she were to go somewhere she would have hi idea what to pack, if she could even get started. You have been caring for mom a long time. It is natural for us to hover when they do something that is difficult for them. It is part of caring for them! Imagine if she arrived at the location and did not have something as basic as an appropriate coat. You are doing exactly what you need to do. And if it is for you, good for you! We need to take care of ourselves too. Enjoy your mom's trip away! You need and deserve it!

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