Mom is getting worse and the thing is she only does things around me that she doesn't do around my other siblings. For example she calls me and tells me that she just about passed out because she could not Poop. She gives me blow by blow detail about it. She has also became more child like. When I go over there she can't set up by herself even though she had went out and has gotten the mail and then again to get the newspaper. Example, yesterday she told me she could not zip up her purse nor step outside onto her back porch even though she sets out on her patio several times a day.
I've been trying forever to get her to move into assistant living but it might be too late for that. The other siblings will agree some about this but will not help me explain it to Mom that she really needs this.
And before you ask, No I can not take care of Mom. I'm going through cancer treatment for the 3rd time and will have major surgery shortly. Siblings, they've asked Mom to come and stay but she refuses. She lives by herself and tells everyone she does...which is out in the country.
Several yeas ago I did get her an alert system, put up security lights, signed her up for 2 days a week of help, signed her up for a local group(through the sheriffs office) that comes once a week to her house and check on her, got her a medicine device that beeps for her pills, and everything else I could think of to do to keep her safe. But she's so stubborn about the assistant living. She has Parkinson disease/dementia and it's getting a lot worse--mentally.
I know there is not real answer to this. Thanks

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She talks to you about her concerns because you have dealt with cancer. She knows you are most likely to understand what she's going through. My dad is the same way with me. It's the reason he picked me as DPOA instead of my older brother who lives with him now. It doesn't however mean that she will change her mind about going to an assisted living. Keep talking to her about it gently. You listening to her gripe about her problems is a great emotional help to her. Sometimes that's all we accomplish for the day. Good luck!

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