Not really a question. We found a solution to our problem which seems to be very common. Mom was frequently visiting the bathroom because she believed she needed to pee. It wasn’t until a recent trip to the ER that the nurses mentioned they did an ultrasound and saw that she had nothing in her bladder that we began to wonder if there was something else causing the urge. A home health nurse asked us if we had looked in to bladder spasms. We had not, nor had her doctor thought of this. She suggested we inquire about this and so her doctor looked it up and prescribed her Tolterodine. Two days later, it seems the problem has finally been solved.

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Good to know. Thanks for sharing, Xavierg.

really hope this helps bcaplinger. it has helped us all get some much needed rest.

This describes my mother, thank you. I will mention this at her next doctors visit.

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