A few months ago I discovered my mother is babysitting her 7 year-old grandson and other kids who pop in after school for a few hours each day. My mom was diagnosed with ahlzheimers over a year ago and she requires a walker to get about. My mom said she doesn't mind. I can't speak to the mother of the child because we do not speak to each other over a previous financial conflict (she was caught using my mom's ATM to pay her own bills). Since then I have become the DPOA, thank God. I contacted California Child Abuse and they advised it is not illegal for my mom to babysit. This situation seems ridiculous to's okay for an 87-year-old ahlzeimer patient to watch underaged children but it's NOT okay to smoke in a car with minors!! I'm stumped on this one.

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That is alot of responsibility for anyone that even knows what is going on! Those kids need to be removed from that house immediately. Is anyone thinking about their safety? Talking to their Mom or need to let the Mother know to make other arrangements now.

Oh my goodness!!

At least the child is old enough to dial 911 and I hope that he has been instructed to do so and under what circumstances.

I don't doubt that their are some 87-year-old grandparents who can babysit for a few hours. Lord knows that a lot of grandparents wind up raising their grandchildren. But a person of any age with dementia should not be entrusted with the sole care of children. Read them a story while Mom or Dad is in another room? Yes. Be responsible for them? No. Memory and judgment just cannot be trusted.

I don't know what to suggest, since you have already contacted the agency I would think would have an interest in this case.


You're mom is 87 with Alz and babysits? By herself? I even question myself watching my little grand kids and I'm 20+ years younger, in relatively good health and shape and I'm mentally stable. Never in a million years would I have a 87 year old babysit! Yikes and double yikes is all I can say!!!

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