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Try not to worry too much about all of this. The chances of getting the virus from touching a surface are slim as it is. Just make sure you're both using good hand hygiene and let the chips fall where they may. Wearing gloves is superfluous.........if her hands are washed, gloves serve no real purpose anyway!

I only wear gloves when pumping gas.

No more gloves.

Go old school approach. Keep it simple.

1.Wash hands when coming home.
2.Wash hands after the bathroom.
3. Wash hands before every meal.

Plus add this one;

4. Use sanitiser when getting back inside the car (getting 'home' to the car).

I laugh because what else are you going to do?? It’s frustrating sometimes! Today our electricity was out, due to high winds in the area. Mom used the toilet , remembered to not flush, and used hand wipes to clean her hands, but left them on the counter in the kitchen.🤷🏻‍♀️ She’s like a kid, leaves wrappers for all kinds of things all kinds of places. As if she doesn’t care about it being garbage. I just keep reminding her and asking her to put them in the garbage. Over and over again. She won’t remember the conversation any more than she remembered the answer to her question about when the electricity would come back on. She asked Many times today! 🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂 I just keto smoking and answering. It’s hard when it puts her and your health at risk. We use a lot of hand sanitizer!

Masks--yes, without question, but gloves are pointless after they've touched one surface, they're contaminated.

I see people out for a walk with masks and gloves on and I know they haven't got clue one as to how this virus is spread. It's NOT floating around in the atmosphere on a completely clear street.

Just let this one go. Have hand sanitizer available in all rooms and encourage the use of that, along with hand washing. Masks must be worn when in stores and public places.

That's probably the best you're going to get when someone cannot grasp the virology aspect of this pandemic. Wearing a mask in your house when you live alone? Absolutely not necessary and probably amping up your stress level.

My mom refused to wear a mask appropriately so she now gets to go to the grocery store, sit in a car with the mask on and is not allowed to go ANYWHERE by her CG/jailer, my YB. Explain to her that she's NOT that special and she needs to respect others, if she won't respect herself. Mom never got that message.

I know Joanne.. thank you..I am almost in tears.. I try to explain this to her but it doesn't get through. It's getting worse. I say she is like a loaded gun. She is a danger to herself and to me because I live with her. She still gets around. Worked all her life as a secretary but was always limited mentally. Now it's getting worse. She refuses outside help. Family doesn't care.

As long as Mom uses sanitizer and washes her hands she really doesn't need gloves. They do more harm than good especially if Mom does not remove them correctly. She maybe protected but everything those gloves touch get contaminated. Better she uses wipes to wipe down shopping carts and other things and uses sanitizer.

When you take gloves off you are suppose to carefully remove one by pulling on the edge and take off inside out. You then place that glove in the palm of the other hand and pull that glove off inside out. Then throw out. Youcdo not rewear them.

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