She wants to move back to where she had her "glory days" and asked one of the caregivers to move with her. I can't get Mom to understand (I know...fighting a losing battle) that if she did move that far away, and bought a house, she would have enough money for about 1 year before she would be out of money and have to go to a nursing home. I would get to see her about once a year if that.

She is never satisfied with what she has; a nice home, people who love her, etc. She also has mentioned moving to Oregon and CA. Told me she doesn't want to die where she is now. Sorry mom but I can't help you.

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I don't think it's so much about geography, as it is the idea or hope that moving back to that place will somehow make things as they once were. I've had similar conversations with my mom, and I've come to realize that she thinks that things will all be the same. Going to bingo, out for coffee, visiting with friends and family, able bodied. But most of these folks have passed, the nieces and nephews are now elderly people with health problems. I now just say that's not possible and let it go at that. It makes me think of Brigadoon.

just let her go.

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