I am over joyed to find this site as I am at my wits end. My Mum came to live with us 15 months ago. We gave her our master bedroom as the bath would be right there and it has a large closet for much of her cloths. Things went well the first few months. Mum had so much she didn't want to get rid of we gave the sitting room off the master to use as a t.v. room. To make a long story short she will not watch t.v. in there she likes to be where ever I may be but only wants to watch soaps or news. Loudly... The room holds 3 closets she purchased to hold more of her clothing , my Mum loves to shop and buys alot of cloths. Oh as well as a large dresser. Not very apealing to the eye. I love my Mum very much but she is spoiled and always has been .I feel as onlyoneleft said Old. I have a sister that lives in another state that had my Mum come for a 3 month visit . She will not let Mum bring her dog so we keep it here. She didn,t help on the clothing end . My Mum shopped so much she had to ship back 5 large boxes of new things back here before Mum flew home. This was not helpful to our space problem . This winter when Mum goes there she wants to stay longer this time . This is all good but we are planning to go south for the winter with our 2 dogs. I called my sister and asked if Mum could bring her dog. She said no just put it to sleep . This is a great small dog and Mum loves it so that is out of the question. My sister wants to put my Mum in asisted living . Any time some thing comes up she will say(Sister)say I know how you feel. I am tired of her being selfish . She has no clue how I feel I am just plain tired. I love my Mum and want her happy but she has no idea to what sis is up to and thinks she is just wonderful. I sit with the work but Mum has my sister 2000 miles away as power of attorney and on all her checking and banking accounts. So if sis realy wants to she could put Mum in a home. This makes my skin crawl as I think my Mum took care me when I was a child and this is my time to take care her. I just needed to vent any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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