I have a spunky 87 yr old mom who loved to dance at a senior disco on Sunday and was so young at heart it was contagious. September she had rectal cancer surgery with a follow up surgery in November. As she is no spring chicken she has gotten weaker even with being in a nursing/rehab center and getting pneumonia followed by another trip to the hospital for a UTI. E Coli dehydration and septicemia. Her will to get better is so strong but nobody is beyond age and a failing body catching up with them. An only
Child too and saw my poor mom suffer with bi polar growing up but she always seemed to persevere she wants to go home and I so wish
She could but I know her stay at the nursing:rehab center could turn out to be full time. It breaks my heart to see her ask me each day when I
Go to her "when will this go away?" "When will I feel better" I
Cannot tell her that they found possible metastasis to the liver. I tell her that she
Is just in a "long rehab center" and she will feel
Better and better if
She eats and rests and
I even tell her that I will even go dancing with her when she gets out. It's never enough time with our parent no matter what age. So if I tell "a little white
Lie" I hope not doing the wrong thing 😔

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I think that you are doing the right thing. What purpose would be served by telling her the brutal truth.

Tell your mom that you understand what she means by the residents being half dead. Remind her that they can't help it, and that maybe some of them will be inspired by how much vitality she still has.

This is heartbreaking. Keep doing your best. Hugs to you!

It's a very very hard thing to see mom in the nursing home. She was soooooo adamant about her independence and I might have been able to get her into a Medicaid assisted living but they don't accept wheelchairs (which she wants to get out of with her walker again) only private p a y takes wheelchairs ( I play music for our seniors so I'm always in these facilities) and I'm.afraid that spunky spirit that mom has is extinguishing somewhat due to all she's been through in the p a st few months and it's depressing for her to be there as she claims "everyone is half dead here" :-) I don't know what else to do. almost every day to see her. I eased.up on my music work as mom is more important and I'm her one and only sad :-(

Beautiful intro Joycelinda! You are doing doing everything right. Blessings to you!!

Is Mom still happy? Have some spunk left? For me, there is no easy answer. You sound like you love and care a great deal for you mom. I think we all do...but just deal with different personalities?

For what it's worth... keep doing what you've been doing, so far it seems to be working!! Koodo's!

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