Here's the story. Dad has an MRI tomorrow and none of us siblings will be able to take him. Last week I let them know that they need to use elder transport or a cab for the appointment (Mom will go with Dad). Moms doctor suggested she not drive until she has her drivers evaluation in two weeks. At first Mom agreed not to drive then two days later she said no cab or transport because she could drive perfectly well. We have 12 foot mounds of snow on all corners and hard to see at the intersections so it is treacherous for anyone on the road now.

When I tried to reason with her she started to get hysterical (Mom does that) so I said "the decision is up to you" she calmed down and then said she might call a neighbor, I said that would be a good solution. I hung up with fingers crossed.

Today I called to see if her neighbor was taking them tomorrow and she said she wasn't comfortable asking, my heart sank but I kept my voice calm and asked how she and Dad were going to get to the clinic. Then she surprised the daylights out of me and said that they would take a cab, because there really is too much snow. Hallelujah and Praise be! that's what I was thinking but I bit my tongue and said "that's a good idea Mom"

So just for today I'm celebrating a small victory!

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Oh well. Good news: Mom did not try driving to the appointment.

Not so Good news: Dad refused to take a cab because it would cost money. For those of you who don't know the story my parents are sitting on a fortune (well over a half million) in property and assets and they will not free any of it up for their living expenses.

Mom cancelled the appointment and rescheduled two weeks from now. The problem is likely to happen again because right now all three of us siblings are unavailable Monday - Friday during the day. That will change come summer but until then we will need to find alternative transportation for their doctors appointments.

I never thought I would say this but I hopes the snow does not melt any until after Moms driving evaluation in two weeks. I don't think she will try driving with the roads as they are.

I'm trying not to project but God help us if she passes that test.

WOOHOO!! Glad mom made a good decision! Keep your fingers crossed that she follows through. Let us know!

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