Mom failed to cancel an accidental death policy after my father's death in 1993. I just found this out today, she has been paying $10 a year for a Mutual of Omaha policy since 1993. Any way to get the premium money back for those 15 years since his death? Is this a fraud/scam that I should be worried about?

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I can't find the original policy, but maybe they can send me a copy of it. What bothers me is why my dad's name was not
on the bill that they sent every year. There was so much confusion and it was a very hard time for mom when he died, so I am not surprised that mom failed to cancel the policy. It was during the flood of 1993 that hit Des Moines, Iowa and she had to vacate her apartment and stay at my apartment because of the flood for three weeks, and she did not have access to her file cabinet and important papers.

You need to get her original policy and read the fine print before deciding how to handle it. There is probably a clause about cancellation on death of insured, and the policy owner being responsible for notification.

You might try to get the money back using the "goodwill" argument if it is a large and reputable company - sometimes it is cheaper to refund a small amount (although not small to your family) rather than have the negative publicity.

Good luck

Hi-If you have POA over her legal affairs you may be able to intercede, and call the company to find out the particulars..Otherwise you may be able to turn to a senior agency, who in turn can make a reccommendation in your behalf.

Good luck!

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