Mom fell, broke pelvis and arm, has severe COPD, UTI and pneumonia. Has been 98% "foggy" for 2 weeks.

She is in a facility's sub-acute area and hasn't been able to participate in even basic therapy for 2 days. Before that she did bed therapy and once or twice minimum therapy in therapy room.

Since then due to her condition, I cleared putting her in hospice with our family, doctor agreed.

Yesterday we were told that she would stay in sub-acute area and that they weren't giving up on her. Hard to believe considering her situation. I told them that was OK w/me as long as she wasn't in any pain.

At this point she isn't eating, says she wants to die, see my deceased dad, staring at walls, etc.

Wondering why the facility would want to keep her in sub-acute area rather than move her to hospice at this point? My understanding is that Medicare/her supplement are paying while she's in sub-acute up to 100 days and we will need to pay $10,000 per month (per diem) if she's sent to nursing home wing or hospice wing.

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in NJ I was told that Medicare covers hospice care at a facility, but not the facility fee. So hospice would go in there to be with her as needed, etc., but to stay in the facility (hospice wing of nursing home), she has to pay the $10,000 month until she qualified for Medicaid. Said to apply when she is getting closer to the permissible $2,000 per month qualification figure.

Medicare will cover hospice care under most circumstances. Why would you have to pay 10k a month for her? That expense is hers. Has she applied for Medicaid?

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