She falls taking the garbage out. And now she needs care even to walk. And we were told that Fair Housing has to approve first for someone to stay there to help her day and night. We are going to pay for that.

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ceciliarevesz, I am curious why the facility doesn't have it's own Staff? Or the residents all have to find someone on their own?

Even in a senior housing complex that has it's own Staff, the facility will need to have a caregiver from the outside vetted. If that caregiver is from a professional Agency it can be done within days, they need to make sure there was a background check done, and that the caregiver is current on their TB test. Plus the issue with liability. All the residents want to feel safe if they see a stranger in the hall.

You mentioned you will be paying for caregivers around the clock for your Mom. Are you hiring just one person to cover all 3 shifts? Back when my Dad had around the clock caregivers [3 per day], the cost was around $20k per month, yes per month. Eventually Dad moved into independent living and had caregivers part-time, that cut the cost down to $7k a month.

Oh I the problem is that she is living in a place where people under 55 (or some age) are not allowed. Yes I understand now.

Is there a chance for her to stay at a rehab facility until the approval can happen?

Or, you could cal your state's ombudsman and ask him to step in to get the Fair Housing approval faster. Every state has can just search -your state- ombudsman to find the phone number.


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