Her stomach lining had a perforation and she was septic.....she was at peace in the end.I have my step-dad but believe he will go up north to be with his children,except he doesnt like the cold and they both work....He tries to get me to take a nap with him I say no no no no I lock my door at night......I care for him like a dad.

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May you find peace soon due to the passing of your Mother. We never really lose anyone as long as they remain in your heart.

Ship step-dad off to his kids or find him a nice apartment for the elderly somewhere. If he insists on staying - buy him a big teddy bear to take his naps with. Listen to your gut - if it's telling you to lock your door at night, do it.

Sorry for your loss, helpfulone.

I am so sorry to hear that your mother passed. I know it was hard for her before hospice stepped in. They are so helpful.

That is so weird about your stepdad. I think I would help him get on the train headed in his children's direction. I hope you can get away from him soon. That is way too close for comfort.

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