my damn mom is out of it. southern care would like to institutionalize her and shes playing right into it. she would like me to admit that someone cut her fuckofficutivus bushes down and there's white powder on the seat of her pants. Ain't nobody cut no dam bushes down and the only powder on her pants is imaginary. I'm sorry but I ain't going to make up crap that would only further traumatize her. what is so hard to fathom that shes losing her marbles? goddam, if someone told me i was losing my marbles i would briefly lament the loss with them and resume my less than half wittedness. its ok. my brain is toast. I've spent two fortunes getting it that way. whats the big deal?? brain, toast, yay.. god, you'd think she was Alfred Einstein at one time. (pssst, she's always been a delusional idiot) whats new??

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Capn, does your mother want to be institutionalized? Is that what you mean by playing into it? Or just that her behavior may have that unintended outcome? Are you worried that some agency might try to force her from her home and your care?

When you say that you aint going to make up crap, are you referring to the oft-given advice to "get into their world"? For example to say, "Oh Mom, that white stuff will come out in the wash. Don't worry about it now."

You sound seriously distressed, and I'd seriously like to respond. I'm just not sure what your issues are at the moment. (Other than your mother has dementia and it sucks. I get that very well.)

Please accept a cyber hug.

Capnhardass, I have a feeling you are now quite hungover. Been there ,done that, made the phone calls apologizing for my behavior. I hope you are OK. How come I have a feeling finding out you are healthy has thrown a wrench into your plans?
((((hug))))) [[[[[kick in the pants]]]]]] .............((((((hugs))))))

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