I called my mom today and she tells me she is scared. I visited her two days ago for several hours and took her out of the care facility for lunch (mom is in a lock down dementia unit). She was fine and reasonably happy then. I did notice when I took her back that there are several new residents and with the healthcare cutbacks, I know there is a lot of "new" staff. Most of the existing staff was let go or quit. My mom is a generally happy person and has been at this facility for almost a year. She has for the most part loved it there. I think the new residents are as displaced and lost as she was when she first got there but apparently, they are coming into her room and telling her that she has to leave. I know that this is a temporary situation that will smooth out with time, when the new residents settle in and the new staff are better able to manage things but it makes me sad that my mom has to be subjected to this and that I can't do anything to make her situation better. I wish I was able to take care of her at home like so many of you do but for a variety of reasons, it is not possible. My mom was the absolute best person...I hate what's happening to her. I'm going to take mom out overnight this coming weekend to do things she likes and eat out and stay in a hotel, shop.....but it's not enough for me, you know? I just feel that she deserves better.

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That really does suck, sorry you and mom are going through this. The place should have a nursing director and social services person you can "complain" to, and a procedure to contact an ombudsman if they don't have anything helpful to resolve things. If the place has gone downhill, the answer might be to start looking for a new one as well.

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