My mother has been diagnosed with dementia. I am used to her mood swings which the family tries to cope. In the past 6 months or so she has begun to speak about an event and add a town or name of person that was over 50 years ago in another state. She said just recently that she had gone on a trip and decided to come home because everyone she spoke to had the name last name (her maiden name). She didn't actually go anywhere but states it as fact. The family doesn't argue but I am wondering if this is common or a precursor to something else. Any advice?

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With Alzheimer's/dementia confabulation is very common. Your mother's daytrips occur in her mind and to make them more real (to her they ARE real) she adds facts that help her 'tell the story'. Listen to her stories, try not to correct her, but be sure to make note of what is on her mind. There can be cause for alarm if she is telling stories to others that can put you as her caregiver in a negative light. My mother (who was half my size) would tell strangers in the store, that she didn't have a THING to eat today, OR anything to drink! I can only imagine how many thought of possible elder abuse, BUT if Mother was insistant I would show them pictures on my phone of her eating lunch that day. One never knows when another (caring) human being could report a caregiver. After all, wouldn't you be inclined to believe a sweet little old lady over her 'robust caregiver?'

Confabulators are not deliberately lying or trying to deceive, but be mindful of the stories told. Mention this behavior to her doctor if it seems worse because of a new medication, but I believe this to be a progression of the disease.

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