She does not want you to do much talking at all she gets upset and tells me to shut up and that I am suppose to do what I am doing which is talking care of her thats all .... I told her that I am not that old (I just made 54 in December) been doing this for 10 years and it was my choice she was in a nursing home and she did not look good to me so I made the choice to bring her home with me and my son was moving out to be on his own and she (mom) came shortly after it was cool for a LONG TIME but she ran into some health issues that needed to be addresses ASAP and have a colostomy bag put on her FOREVER!!!!!! I learned how to care for the bag and all and thats been since 2008 and by the way she is 94!!!!!!God blessed her but man she is to mean you can't say much to her. She does go to a day center one day a week ( if she goes) .......I look forward to that day my only 6 to 7 hour BREAK. .....And to change the subject my son is having some issues and I am worried about him so i feel some stress about that .....I am trying to keep my cool but some days it is not that easy .....I have me a glass of ----- maybe cry a little get online or just go to bed get some rest for the next day...if some one out there has some ideas pleas answer me asap I will be checking more often .....God Bless all of us that do what we do daily have a good nite/week amen Love Ya PURPLERAIN

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I agree with Jeannegibbs, counseling would help you cope. Have you ever tried Elder Services in your town for support? They helped me tremendously, even though in the beginning I did not want counseling; but truly needed it and it did help me cope.

The meanness you are experiencing now from your mother could be dementia; which almost all people end up with in the nineties. Perhaps it is time for your mother to go to a nursing home - your son needs you and you both have a lot of life yet to live.

Something's got to give - hugs to you and take care.

I suggest some counselling for you.

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