I try to be extremely gentle with her. She always say she going home. It breaks my heart to see her like this. My siblings do not help or visit her. But thay all have an opinion. What can I do?

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Her anxiety and depression may contribute to her screaming. Meds may need some adjusting. Also, there's a neurologic condition called a pseudobulbar affect where a person cries for no reason. It affects almost 50% of Alzheimer's patients. It's treatable. You might bring that up in your next doctor visit. Just a hunch.

I’d discuss it with her doctor and inquire about medication. Does she take medication for depression or pain? I’d request a hospice evaluation or placement somewhere she might be more comfortable. It sounds like she may need a higher level of care.

Great big warm hug!

I would contact the local counsel on aging and get a needs assessment done and hire some professional physical therapists and occupational therapist to help you figure out how to care for her without causing pain or she may be needing more care then you can provide in home.

What does her doctor say about the apparent pain? Has hospice been discussed? Is she getting any meds to help calm her down?

I am so sorry that you and your mom are going through this. It sounds so stressful.

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