Are your loved ones living the life they can enjoy. Our mother has three medical professionals live in her house, 24 hours a day. My mom loves it because lives in her own home. We tried to have her in an assisted living home, but the other seniors were annoying and the nursing staff had too many seniors to help my mom. She familiar with everything in her home and her total cost per month is $450. That pays for food, nursing assistance and any maintenance. It good to see a smile on my mom's face and know she is safe and well cared for in her home

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CArnold81 - just out of curiosity, does your mom live outside of the U.S. ? $450.00 for 3 professional CAREGIVERS / 24-7 let alone medical professionals costs a great deal more than that..oh wait that amount includes food, maintenance! By any chance are you assisting with her costs and the $450 is her portion? Many seniors enjoy the social aspect of AL which in turn can help them live healthier, fullfilled lives.

Gee, "annoying" seniors in an Assisted Living Facility? That's a new one! And one-on-one attention in an Assisted Living Facility where the ratio of care givers to residents is approximately 13:1....ya, that's truly an unrealistic expectation!

How on earth is your mother's cost $450 a month for food, 3 full time live in medical professionals and maintenance? Even if her house is fully paid for, the cost of 3 full time medical professionals ALONE is many thousands of dollars per month. Are you using the rental income as payment for these services? Because if so, that's not 'free'.............that income is still income and needs to be counted!

Something is wrong here, obviously, because if the TRUE cost of such in home care were $450 per month, there wouldn't be Assisted Living Facilities on every corner of every street in America, all charging many thousands of dollars per month, let's face it. My mother's SSI income alone is $1020 a month, so by your math, she should be able to afford 6 live in medical professionals to wait on her hand and foot in her own home every month. But in reality, she can't. And neither can anyone else on a fixed income!

Just wondering what the point is of your post, because I must've missed it.

Her 3 live-in caregivers aren’t free. How are they are being paid for? Who is paying them? If your mother has a home and a rental property, she’s not likely not on medi-cal and even if she was, they wouldn’t pay for 1 live in caregiver let alone 3.
Unless you’ve employed slaves which is illegal, please don’t say the caregivers are free because they aren’t. Someone is paying for them. And understand, most here can not afford 1 live in helper let alone 3. Sounds like your mother is wealthy and can afford this lifestyle. Good for her. But understand that many cannot afford it and staying in their home is just not an option.

I didn't comment when I first read your post because I was too busy biting my tongue- I'd be interested in hearing where this place is where someone can have "three medical professionals live in her house, 24 hours a day" for at total monthly cost of $450, which includes "food, nursing assistance and any maintenance".

We appreciate your comments. But my mother can't be left alone, nor can she feed herself. The live-in medical professionals control her meds and provide physical therapy when needed. The medical professionals answer any and every call my mother needs on a twenty-four hour and seven day basis. It is difficult placing a parent in an assisted living. We placed my mother, but she shared care with so many other seniors in the facility and many times other seniors were annoying or threatening.

It's great that you are able to do that and your mother is happy. I'm sure most people would prefer that for their aging parent. But what was your point in posting this?

Many, many people don't get this option. For multiple reasons, they've had to place a loved one. I haven't seen anyone on here who did this thoughtlessly. It sounds like your mother is able to live well with some help. But what about those who can't be left alone? Can't feed themselves? Are hallucinating? Can't take their meds without help? Giving their savings away in scams because their rational skills are gone? Most people who've had to place elders feel bad enough as it is.

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