The same symptoms that put her in the hospital the first time returned, and I immediately took her to her primary care. She sent us to Urgent Care, they took a look at her and said, “she’s been home all this time and she’s still like this?” Based on that and some other tests, the doctor admitted her.

I ALMOST feel guilty by saying last night was my first full night’s sleep in 42 days...

I told her last night that her bad decision making days are over, you will be treated and assessed in this hospital and you will be going to rehab care after you are discharged and you will not come home until you are well, able, and stable, and if that means a different kind of home, that is what it means.

She agreed, she is tired of feeling like this and playing this game/dance whatever. It is extremely hard to see my mom be this frail and this weakened. This was a woman who used to repair her own drywall and tiled an entire kitchen and bathroom on her own.

But whatever her mindset it is not the mindset in terms of a recovery, so I told her that I’m calling the shots now, which means she will get better. If she chooses to go it her way, she won’t.

She liked having things brought to her and she liked having her commode changed and she liked being able to say, “Oh later,” when it came to basic self care. Enough’s enough.

I need a nap.

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Yahoo! Keep those boundaries firmly in place and move forward, after you sleep for 2 days.

Great job! Hugs!

Good job HF. You didn’t know what you didn’t know last time. And maybe she didnt either.
Read what you wrote here every day until you get this done. Don’t waiver. You and mom will both benefit.

I am with Barb. Stick by your guns and enjoy the respite.

Oh honey!! Go home and sleep until Monday. Let the hospital take care of her. Hugs!

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