What a welcome surprise, as she regaled in foodstuff memories and shopped her little heart out (she expressed both love, laughter, and lotsa good remembrances so special (although she forgot about it the next day); it was a gift I thought to share sniff). Any other amazing tales?

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It's two years to the week since I took my mother to a safari park. She had lifelong interests in wildlife and photography and travelled the world alone until her final disastrous solo trip to India to "see the tigers." The day after she arrived she slipped, fell, broke her collar bone and saw only the Emergency Room of a hospital five hours by SUV from the lodge.

So for her 90th birthday, four years later, my kids and their Dad and stepmother clubbed together and bought her a VIP tour of our nearest safari park. Not the same, of course, but she rode in a Land Rover, held a snake and a tarantula, fed giraffes, played with the lorikeets and had to be reminded not to get out to pet the lionesses. After three or four hours the motion sickness got to her and she chucked up everywhere (I was prepared, thank God)... but still. Granny Does Longleat was a modest hit on Facebook, and I was proud of her.

So glad you had that gift! They do surprise us some days.

No nice stories to share, but it sounds like both you and she enjoyed it.

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