She has been in hospital for 6 days but her blood work continues to improve and her chest x-ray looks good. She will be going home with antibiotics, oxygen and steroids and the doctor prescribed a new muscle relaxer (zanaflex) to help with her tremors. We are also getting a Hoyer lift delivered to the house to help since she hasn't been able to help us much physically. My sister asked about Mom going to a rehab facility but Doctor said Mom's mental health would not be good if she goes. Home is the best place for her. We have caregivers that come every day so I can continue to work and I am going to hire an agency to come in 4 hours a day, overlapping with both caregivers, to let them learn the routine and Mom and then possibly hire them for some weekends in order to give me a break.

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How are things going for your mother since she came home?

What is the state of your mother's mental health?

How are yo doing?

She is doing better...thanks for asking! Her mental health is okay. She was confused earlier in the week and said she wanted to go home, and when we told her she was home, she said she wanted to go back to Washington...that is where she was born. She is still tired. I found all her prior blood work and her hemoglobin and hematocrit have been steadily going down for a year!! We go back to the doctor on Monday and hopefully her numbers will be the same or better.

I am doing okay...I had strep throat and am coughing but better.

Thanks for asking!

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