Well Mom has been sick for eight in half years as some of you no and I have always continued to bath dress her so she still would like nice.But yesterday took her out and for the first time in Eight years I can see she does not look good I do not believe my touches will do much good she also is back in Hospice program also her leaning issue to the PD is WORSE so much I was u[pset all day her head just hung over and I felt sosos sorry for her by the time night came around my emotions couldnt hold back I was crying .I realize PD is terminal just so sad any comments

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sandraann, you have done a great service for your mother to keep her looking nice all these years, long after she could not do it for herself.

I suspect that seeing her not look nice in spite of your efforts, and especially seeing the lean she has no control over and which is a very obvious sign of the disease, triggered in you the realization that she has a terminal condition and the time she has left is short. I think that crying was an appropriate response to this sad truth. I hope you won't spend all the rest of her time here crying. I hope you will be able to be with her as she is. But you are in mourning. Cut yourself some slack. Don't be surprised that this is hitting you hard. Cry when you need to. Be strong for her when you can. Talk to the Hospice people for comfort.

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