Owns a home/2acrenolein. Only 1 NH insurance company on her 1st day in. They take home, SS and less $40mo "for her"clear out home b4 padlock doors WHAT!? I couldn't believe what I was being told so i checked with other family and friends. IT WAS ALL TRUE,,, some of them didnt know this and due to emergency or necessity that called for 24/7 care for their parents, aunts or friends and only option was the ONLY NURSING HOME in our county. Being the only NH & so able to take these poor people's homes, land, all their money & many people didn't know this happens so some of them didnt even get family portraits, momentos, keepsakes or antiques that had always been passed on to next generation, and the land that had been in the family from 1st pioneers, up to 8, 9 generations of people that fought hard to get it, clear it, and all have worked so hard to keep it, I was horrified. No wonder there isn't any other NH in my little home town in SE KY, the only one has enough money from what they've confiscated, hoodwinked & stolen from our people, I bet those papers signed in a hurry by poor people are also poorly & hurriedly explained but written by wealthy lawyers with plenty of time to use lengthy "legalese" language that might as well be Chinese to some good kind people that I know and love. Now, knowing this, I wouldn't trust this business to care for my dog, which I adore, but there is no 'why' that I would ever let them even get near my Precious Mother. She was horrified too, she and I know many people that are there. If she needs nursing I'll hire one to help us, in her home or mine so I'll be right there with her. Mommy's still sharp minded so she. put her little farm, a piece from her grandparent's farm, that was a piece of their grandparent's farm, in my oldest brother's name along with other duties sacred to her heart. He will do a fine job, he's a fine man, the best big brother a sister could have, a lot like my Daddy... lol, except he's a Preacher. I'm sure Daddy would be even more proud of him. So I'm sorry I didn't really have a question, but I hope the info in my rant makes people question their local NH's, before hand if possible, but especially if it's the only one in their own small town. Best wishes and hugs to all Caretakers!
a doe creek girl

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doecreek, what you hear over the fence is pure bullsnot. A padlocked house is either foreclosed by the bank or back taxes. Wake up and smell the coffee. So if the 9th generation got in debt up to their eyeballs, unlike the previous 8, all is lost.

When people sign up for Medicaid to help pay for nursing home care, it is all explained to family members that a lien will be placed on the house/land to help pay for the care of the loved one who is in the nursing home.

What would you suggest a nursing home do to raise money to keep it running? Medicaid is already coming out of the taxpayer's pockets. It is the sale of houses and land that help keep these nursing homes open for those who cannot afford to pay for their own care, or who need a higher level of care, or who have no relatives who can help care for them. Hiring a nurse to help full-time is extremely expensive.

Sometimes we cannot take care of our parent at home like we think we can, as it is beyond what we are capable of doing. Thus, Medicaid comes to rescue, and it is welcomed. Thank goodness that program is there.

You had mentioned that your Mom plans to put some of farm into your brother name.... but what if your Mom needs Medicaid help before 5 years? Medicaid will see that your Mom gave the farm/land to your brother, thus it would be considered a "gift" under Medicaid rules. Thus, your Mom's benefits would be subtracted by the market value of the farm/land that she gave to your brother.

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