Recap= Mom lives with me & I am a caregiver of many. Mom, cancer sister, Renal disease my little BEAUTIFUL girl, & my Autistic/Adhd little boy. Stressed out! Chest pains ugh!!! And So many drs apptments! She wants to talk &I try so hard to be patient cuz I am pretty patient normalky but its too much! She tells me the same stuff or argues with me. I can not handle it. I cant go anywhere cuz she gets sad. I invite her everywhere! Of which she says no. Im afraid when I escape for fear that she will be hurt etc. So I got her life alert! I have many family members who dont want to help. There time to party is more precious! I need a break or I will DIE! My stress is this bad! My babies need me as does mom & sis! People say Im so good I do this with so much LOVE FOR THEM ALL! Im just sick dr said I have a mass in my uterus, I think its fibroid wants it taken out for biopsy but my blood count is 4 Anemia so they wanted to give me blood transfusion of which I refused! I walked out & told the hospital I will take iron pills! People need me! Which was a dumb decision I know but im going to yet another drs appt this time its for me. Family.... should be helpful. So much selfishness in this world. I am alone yet I find comfort in WHINING HERE! I want to scream my anxiety chest pains are so much worse! Im scared so much illnesses & sadness all around me! Im the strength but weakening & deteriorating fast! They need me! I laying here cant sleep crying over so much! I thought to take handful of Xanax just to relax! But that was stupid! I love & respect life, family, & God way too much! One day one weekend thats all I beg for! My life is not my own anymore! & Thats horrible to say because I LOVE EVERYONE! Please continue to pray for my family, my strength, my sanity, & my health!

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Anemia is not the same as iron deficiency, thus iron pills won't work. You should see your doctor and ask him/her to check for folic acid deficiency, and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Bless you! You need help now, please call your county social services and request assessment for Mom to find out what services she is eligible for in home. If you sister isn't on hospice, check with her doctor and if it is an option PLEASE allow them to help you. Call both their doctors and let them know what you are dealing with and tell them your family needs assistance now. Call the cancer society, council on aging....every organization you can think of and then some. Help is available you must reach out!

Your primary responsibility is to yourself and your children. If other arrangements can be made for Mom and Sister please help yourself and get them moved. You are spreading yourself too thin and as a result your health and the caregiving all of these people need is suffering. There is only so much one person can do on a daily basis and you are way overloaded.

PLEASE get the help you need now. You don't want to just be a memory in your children's life.

2002, I have not had children,yet I wanted them. Now my mom is my child.
I had a fibroid, the size of a grapefuit.I had such a problem that it was blocking my urithia, and I had to use a catheater for a while. I had to use a bag for a while, and it was terrible. IF, and say If you are done with children there are a few less evasive ways to get rid of it, I opted for a hystorectomy, but kept my overies.

My dear, you need to get some help, sooner than later, you are on overlaod.
Does your mom have Dementia, or Alzheimer's?.My mom has Alz, and yes, it can make you crazy, one second to the next. I do not know what you have looked into for help, and care, yet look, ask and take. If we as the caregivers become ill, the situation onlt becomes worse. I have no idea where you live, but look into how to deal with all of these issues, you may be elligable for help from the state.. Talk to an elder care attorney, as well as the state. I have no idea what your situation is, yet, I would guess you are elligible with the right help.
Hugs, Jazmine1

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