I've been advised that she has frontal lobe damage with leaves her with no ability to reason or make decisions but she has a next door neighbor who is egging things on and she does not have the same problems. She lives in a small senior complex in this small town where she can walk to nearby places but she things if she moves she will get her car back and start her life over. I don't say anything because it will do no good. Now she thinks she is well instead of getting worse. She can't afford to move anyway but it is so hard to listen to. The biggest problem is I'm already so tired of it all!

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VJohnson - do you have POA and are you her designated health care proxy contact? The neighbor is too involved in this and seems to be making things worse. Your mother is not thinking clearly.

My heart goes out to you and I understand how exhausting it is. Can you get her physician involved? My MIL doctor was wonderful and I had to talk to him privately without her in the room in order to take care of her needs. She also was not aware or understanding of her limitations which were just getting worse.

My mother was similar. Hoping her physician can help you and know that there are difficult decision to make to keep her safe. The elder services social workers, therapists, etc. helped me tremendously. They possess so much helpful knowledge as they deal with these situations daily. Hugs to you and hoping you can find some help.

vjohnson, it is like you have an elderly teenager on your hands. Big hugs to you.

Who moved all her stuff? Someone with dementia could not do all this alone.

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