Mom's new care nurse is a breath of fresh air. She actually sounds like she's going to go the extra mile for mom. She brought up hospice which I had been told by mom's Dr she couldn't receive because he thinks she'll be around longer than six months. I was happy to hear that he expected her to be around longer than six months and at that time the owners of mom's building didn't allow residents on hospice to live here (not sure if that's legal in CA. Probably is). The new owners don't have a problem with it and the nurse said that with some new elder Care act. That more people are able to be on hospice if the average person with the same health problems would not be expected to live more than six months without medical intervention. Or something to that effect. I'm not going to argue with someone who says they can offer mom more. Mom's also using her portable commode instead of just letting it loose in her diaper. She did the last time she came back from the nursing home too. They we're never quick enough to get to her before she had to go. I was ok with that because at home when she announces that she has to go I know I don't have that much time because she waits till she really has to go. I'm happy because they told me that she didn't know when she had to go anymore and they were wrong thank God lol. Anyway I'm feeling like I've had a really good day and just wanted to share it with you all. Thanks again to everyone for just being online. I have learned so much so quick. I don't know how long it would have taken me on my own. Mom's snoring away little Puppers is cuddled up next to me on the couch I have a big bowl of chocolate ice cream and all is right with the world for now 🤗

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Glad it's a good day, Sparky!

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