My mom has had dementia for a few years. This morning she was very quiet and all day she did what i call,"tweeking." she proceeded to show me all the rooms in the house, asking me if they were okay. She told me she didn't think she was going to wake up tomorrow. She has been seeing people in her room. Has anyone had a premonition of death? I pray she goes peacefully; she misses my dad terribly and can no longer hear much at all. When she was in the hospital she tore out her iv and her little arms are a mess. I have no control over this so will just hope she can cross easily.

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Hi Nancy:
Mom just came home from hospital after a uti. She isn't on any new meds but in a couple of weeks we will see a geriatric specialist. Hoping she will put Mom on Seroquel for sundowners. I have alarms set up. I honestly think she is giving up. She can't hear, legs too weak to walk, has depression and misses my dad a lot. I'm actually hoping she will go since her life is pretty unrewarding. Thanks for your message. Tonio

Has she been checked for a UTI? How about any medications that could be messing with her brain? Seems like she should be seen by a doctor to me. I have heard of people having a premonition of dying, but that's probably the exception and not the rule. Get her to the doctor.

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