Mom died & the caretaker will not let me in her home. I flew in to handle her affairs & she said mom changed the will & left her everything!


My mom died. She lives in Texas, I live in another state. I flew in yesterday to take care of my mother’s affairs and the caretaker will not leave the house; she claims my mom changed her will which I never had a copy if in fact their even is one 2 weeks before she passed and left the caretaker the house and its contents??? The caretaker has worked less than 90 days. I went to a Texas lawyer and when I asked about getting the caretaker out the lawyer said the local police/sheriff do not get involved. The lawyer said no one should be in the house; however the local police/sheriff according to the lawyer will not help. This does not sound correct, certainly would not happen in my city. I have not gone to the police yet. I have less than 6 days before I have to fly home. I am trying to find another attorney to help and have not had any luck. Thanking you in advance! Any feedback I greatly would appreciate

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Agency's cannot take gifts etc...I would call this Elderly abuse! get notes from her doctor stating that weeks months before her death she was incapable of making $ decisions or other decisions , also just go in your moms house! you are the next of kin you were not notified, this may be a battle ; if you can get the the attorney to represent elderly abuse on the care giver ,,thats my thoughts. ( i am not a lawyer). good luck :)

This sounds criminal. This sounds eerily similar to another thread where the caregiver had a record and was responsible for the death of her mom while she was away. She tried to get mom's body cremated before anyone could find out what happened.
Lily's advice sounds good. You'll be in my prayers.

I would proceed as if you have the authority as her executor, have your copy of the will and let the caregiver prove you are not correct..proceed as you have all control and get eviction notice for trespassing. Also is this caregive hired by an agency or independent, if agency notify them of th treaspass. Proceed with attorney to file the will and evict treaspasser. If caregiver comes up with new will notify her/him you will contest the will and charge them with elder abuse due to the short time cared for you have the power to press this. Take control now.