I had to quit my job to look after her. If i go out for 30 minutes, to her it seems like 3 hours. he sees things in the garden that arent there. Although she wears a thick panty liner, for the past few days she has wet all the way through to her underwear and when she gets up tp walk, it is dripping everything.. Just tonight, she got up off the couch to go to bed, and my couch was soaked with urine. What can i do. im really upset seeing her like this ads she used to be as sharp as a tack. she forgets everything now.....any advice will be greatly appreciated...

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It sounds like she is getting to a point where she needs more care than you can give her alone. That is often the case with dementia. She's 89 - she's lucky to have made it so long without serious issues.
If hiring in-home care to help you take care of her isn't an option, you may have to look at a nursing home. I'd certainly begin doing one or the other soon. If she doesn't have much money, she'd likely qualify for Medicaid. You will need to start that process as it takes time. Good luck,

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