My Mom lives in assisted living, she was diagnosed with dementia.


My daughter and I fought for her and my bro who is a hoarder and doesn't work. My brothers health is that of a 80 yr old, he had COPD, He lives off the system his whole life, now he is using m MOM...His name is on her checcks, credit CARDS, PRoog they cant pay their bills, he is evicted from his trailer, he has for months had no running water,electrictrcity,,it sme;et of cats, dogs human fecus,gros now they6 both are living a hotel/motel. How can he take care of her if he cant take of himself, to top it off, he has a go found me page asking for money because he had cancer, broncis 7 times, etc..He just told me all our moms money goes into her Bank.. HUh how is that possibl.. who is paying for her to live tjhere.;

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Also, if your brother is living on the system, it would be to his benefit to have as little money as possible coming into his name. I'd be surprised that he was qualifying if he was getting her income, retirement, pension, etc, into an account with his name on it. I'd follow the paper trail to see what is actually there.

Your post title says that she lives in Assisted Living. Is he her Durable Power of Attorney? If so, then I might seek legal advice about a Guardianship so you can get control of the funds for her care.

You might also contact Social Security about becoming her Beneficiary Payee. That is the person that Social Security authorizes to handle her payments. There is a procedure for it and would override any POA. There is info about it on the Social Security Website.

So, is she in assisted living or in a hotel room with your brother?

If you feel she's not being adequately caref for, call APS.