Night before last (Tuesday) was very difficult. She buzzed me at 1 am saying she was soaking wet and had attempted to get her bottoms off. She was not soaking wet but I got her up and changed her. I got her settled and went back to bed. She buzzed me again about 30 minutes later and wanted to get in her chair. I did, but stayed downstairs in case she tried to get up (she normally doesn't but I didn't feel comfortable with being upstairs). She had me up again two more times going back and forth between her bed and her chair and the last time she called me was at 3:45 and said she was ready for bed. I tried to tell her that it was the middle of the night but she didn't believe me. She also said she needed a t-shirt on but she already had one on. It took her about 3 minutes to realize it, even after me showing her she had one on.

Yesterday morning, I could tell that she was still "out of it" and the caregiver told me that Mom wanted to know where her Mom is and that she figured she was upstairs asleep. Her mother has been gone since 1967! She is better today, but is "blah", which may be because the weather stinks (raining every day since Monday) and her brother and his wife left last week. She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I am going to ask them to do more blood work to make sure her iron levels are still good. She had an episode of this the end of January and it was because she was severely anemic. They checked her levels about a month ago and they were back to normal.

I hope this isn't anything major. I don't believe her doctor would do anything major to her because of all her other medical issues.

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Firstly, suspect a UTI. That can make a huge difference in their cognition.
Secondly, she just may be entering a new phase of the illness. Or, she may very well be having a reaction to the weather and the visitors.

I'm so sorry that you had such a bad night with her. It's tough to get through the day without a good night's sleep, isn't it? Hopefully the doctor will be able to find the cause. Good luck.

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