Mom cannot get the dumpsters out anymore.


My mom had been living alone for almost a year now. She is very adamant about doing all the works herself. Till last month she even used to take out the filled dumpster bin out to her driveway so that the junk removers can take them away. But then she fell in the bath one day and has sprained her leg. I was with her for a week but now I have come back as my job demands me here. I have appointed a caregiver for her who will take care of the medicines and food. Now I am looking for someone to clean the house and a dumster rental service that will take the bins from the house. She lives in Toronto, if there is anyone here from Toronto please help.

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Call the trash service (here we a contractor through the city) my elderly neighbor is unable to get her big recycle dumpster down her steep driveway but I see the garbage guy go up and wheel it down to empty occasionally. Maybe they will help considering it's only temp.

Anne, your Mom is relatively young and it seems her only problem is a temporary one resulting from a fall. There are lots of independents or companies out there that do housecleaning. As for the dumpster, how much trash are we talking about? If it weren't for my mom's incontinence supplies I would not fill more than a couple of bags in a month. Can you enlist a neighbour to help with that?

Most caregivers in this area if they are from an agency will do light housework, including taking trash down to the street. If this is not the case in Toronto, maybe there is a neighbor kid that can help with the trash for a very small amount?