My mother who is still living independently calls me about every decision she makes. She is competent to make her own decisions, yet feels she needs to let me know about these decisions in detail and the reasons behind them. I trust her decisions and have told her so. Any ideas on this issue? I am totally perplexed and have also made her aware she does not need my approval for anything she does. Her financial decisions have always been done responsibly.

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It is sweet and I totally get it. Your Mom may be starting to feel shaky about her decisions and she obviously trusts your decision making abilities. Just reassure her, I think that is what all of us need at times. Good luck and many hugs.

I would be honored, how sweet :o) Enjoy...

Your mom may feel you should know all things since she's older and she's obviously close to you. Braida is right, just listen, make a short comment and move on. I on the other hand had a mom who was sneaky and secretive and it was a nightmare. I would've listened to her every detail over never knowing what she was up to and ultimately going thru the legal issues I'm going thru after her death. She didn't have dementia so was legally entitled to do anything.

I think it's wonderful that your Mom is living independently, and is making responsible financial decisions. However, she may not feel as confident about herself as you feel about her. She probably just feels reassured to fill you in on the details. She's all alone, obviously, and may feel better when someone close to her, someone she trusts, is aware of things that are going on her life. It could make her feel less alone, possibly? Just guessing, of course, but it I'd say it's giving her some kind of comfort and sharing with her daughter, and maybe you could just hear her details, and not say that she doesn't need your approval, but instead say, "great plan", or "I think you're doing the right thing." She must want that or need that from you. That's nice, unless you find it bothersome. Anyway, just my two cents worth of commentary. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the road you'll hear the details and say, "WHAT? Oh no, Mom, that's not a wise thing to do at all!!!" Hope not, but we never know. :)

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